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Kenneth Terayama

Kenneth Terayama

Trader, Equities & Derivatives

Kenneth is a Trader at Redwood Investment Management with a focus on equities and derivatives. He oversees Redwood’s trading desk, managing securities transactions to implement Redwood’s investment strategies across different platforms: Redwood mutual funds, LeaderShares® ETFs, and separately managed accounts.

He works closely with the investment team on implementation strategy and negotiation of instruments, including equities, options, fixed-income, domestic and international total-return swaps, and credit default swaps across Redwood’s execution trading relationships. In addition, he delivers real-time monitoring and feedback of portfolio risk and provides market color to the portfolio management team.

Before his role as a Trader, Kenneth worked as a trading and operations analyst at Redwood to support general trading. He started his career working at Los Angeles-based investment advisor Churchill Management Group, managing accounts and facilitating client-advisor communication.

Kenneth graduated from the University of Southern California with a Bachelor of Arts in Economics and Political Science.

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