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Michael T. Messinger

Michael T. Messinger

Portfolio Manager, Managing Partner

Michael Messinger founded Redwood in 2010 as a money management firm rooted in quantitative research with a RiskFirst® philosophy.

As Portfolio Manager, he oversees the construction, implementation and live risk management of Redwood’s U.S. equity and fixed-income strategies and funds, representing more than $2 billion in assets under management. He specializes in credit research, trading, and oversight of the firm’s RiskFirst® investment process, buy-list, and portfolio compositions.

Michael directs Redwood’s tactical risk-managed and strategic asset allocation policy. He oversees the firm’s scope of client solutions, ensuring that Redwood delivers its risk-adjusted investment capabilities from multi-asset-class vehicles to ETFs.

With over 15 years of investment experience, Michael has expanded Redwood’s capabilities into tactical and strategic beta investment solutions that include AlphaFactor® equity strategies, LeaderShares® ETFs, and Dynamic/Engineered Risk-Budgeted Model asset allocation portfolios.

After close collaboration with investors and “allocators” in the leveraged finance ecosystem, he developed the initial Tactical High-Yield strategy, Defensive Credit. That research foundation helped launch the Redwood Managed Risk Plus L.P. hedge fund, the Multi-Sector Managed Risk strategy, and the Systematic Macro Trend (SMarT®) strategy – and facilitated the implementation of strategies in mutual funds that have been awarded 5 Stars by Morningstar.

Prior to founding Redwood Investment Management, Michael worked for Riversource Investments (now known as Columbia Management), as well as ING, and began his career as an Analyst at UBS. He received his B.S. in Finance from the University of Arizona in Tucson.

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