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Built on the principles of Redwood’s Skew Portfolio Theory (SPT), Redwood’s Equity Skew Strategy is a strategic equity portfolio comprised of a diversified portfolio that seeks to overweight holdings that demonstrate higher statistical return opportunity while underweighting holdings that demonstrates lower statistical return opportunity. The portfolio holds exposure to the following: U.S. Large Cap Growth, U.S. Large Cap Value, U.S. Small Cap Growth, U.S. Small Cap Value, and Emerging Market Equities.

This strategy implements a rebalancing process based on statistical skew utilizing Redwood’s Skew Portfolio Theory (SPT). This is meant as an alternative to a passive fixed-weight holding - the portfolio is dynamically rebalanced with the goal of potentially being overweight to asset classes that statistically show higher return opportunity, while maintaining directional beta to the overall equity market.

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Performance obtained on the Equity Skew Strategy, unless stated otherwise relates to Redwood’s Separately Managed Accounts. If you have any questions, please contact us at info@redwoodim.com. All materials are for informational purposes only and contain opinions of Redwood, which should not be construed as facts. Unless stated otherwise, none of the materials constitute an offer, nor a solicitation of an offer to invest in any of Redwood’s products, and otherwise affiliated funds. Proceeding to access any information contained herein, users are deemed to be representing to be allowed to do so by applicable laws, regulations, and approval by Redwood having obtained a username and password. There can be no guarantee that any strategy described will achieve its objective. Past performance is not a guarantee of future results. There is risk involved when investing in securities, which can include loss of principal. For more disclosures regarding the available materials, please read carefully the disclosures provided within each document as well as additional disclosures found below.

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