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A Week in Perspective (05/10/21) | What is "Better Than Expected"?
Weekly Market Snapshots & Data May 10, 2021

This season’s earnings beats have risen to record-high levels where nearly 90% of the S&P 500 firms have exceeded estimates. Yet the question remains whether risk markets have already priced in this extended level of positive earnings — and whether we can expect this trend to continue.

A Week in Perspective (05/03/21) | Margin Debt at Critical Levels
Weekly Market Snapshots & Data May 03, 2021

Total margin debt outstanding can be a useful gauge of market sentiment as bullish investors will typically take on additional portfolio leverage. Historically, large upside swings in margin debt have preceded market corrections, but unprecedented stimulus spending complicates the current picture.

A Week in Perspective (04/26/21) | Have the Bears Folded?
Weekly Market Snapshots & Data Apr 26, 2021

Despite fears of stretched equity valuations and an overextended market rally, fewer investors have been willing to bet against the S&P 500 Index as the short interest ratio continues to dwindle.

A Week in Perspective (04/19/21) | Rest of the World Back at ... 2008?
Weekly Market Snapshots & Data Apr 19, 2021

International equities are on track to finally recover from a 2008 drawdown, while U.S. markets continue to notch record highs. This may introduce a value opportunity alongside the portfolio benefit of non-domestic diversification. 

A Week in Perspective (04/12/21) | Overvalued Markets Can Be More Overvalued
Weekly Market Snapshots & Data Apr 12, 2021

Elevated CAPE (cyclically adjusted price-to-earnings) ratios indicating higher equity prices relative to earnings have persisted over the better part of last two decades, which raises the question of how much further can markets become overvalued.

A Week in Perspective (04/05/21) | Correlation No More
Weekly Market Snapshots & Data Apr 05, 2021

Mixing large-cap stocks and corporate bonds together to create a “diversified portfolio” is a staple of traditional asset allocation models. However, the relationship between the two asset classes continues to shift unpredictably, constantly changing the level of risk exposure.

A Week in Perspective (03/29/21) | Buybacks Spike in '21
Weekly Market Snapshots & Data Mar 29, 2021

U.S. corporate buybacks have returned to their pre-pandemic levels as economic outlook continues to climb, decreasing the need for companies to hoard emergency cash reserves.

A Week in Perspective (03/22/21) | +20% Drawdown for a "Riskless" Asset?
Weekly Market Snapshots & Data Mar 22, 2021

The Bloomberg Barclays U.S. Long Term Treasury Total Return Index is currently experiencing its largest drawdown to date, plummeting more than 20% as Long Term Treasuries continue to sell off amidst skyrocketing inflation expectations, lifting the U.S. 10 Year Treasury Yield to 1.74%.

A Week in Perspective (03/15/21) | U.S. 10-Year Treasury Yield vs. S&P 500 Index Yield
Weekly Market Snapshots & Data Mar 15, 2021

Frothy equity valuations, in addition to the recent surge in treasury yields from historical lows, have resulted in the U.S. 10-Year Treasury Yield crossing above S&P 500 Dividend Yield, similar to the market environment back in 2016.

A Week in Perspective (03/08/21) | Is Value Accelerating?
Weekly Market Snapshots & Data Mar 08, 2021

The rotation out of growth stocks and into value stocks continues to gain momentum in 2021, perpetuated higher due to concerns over rising inflation and frothy valuations in growth stocks.

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