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A Week in Perspective (9/21/20) | Does 1% Yield Sound Great to You?
Weekly Market Snapshots & Data Sep 21, 2020

Given the Federal Reserve’s signal of prolonged near-zero interest rates as well as the higher premiums investors are paying for credit, the Bloomberg Barclays Aggregate Bond Index has dropped to a mind blowing 1% yield-to-worst. Where else can investors go for yield? 

A Week in Perspective (9/14/20) | Back To The Interest Rate Risk Convo
Weekly Market Snapshots & Data Sep 14, 2020

The expectation that the Federal Funds rate will remain near zero for the foreseeable future continues to drive investment grade bond yields lower, especially when compared to junk bond yields which do not carry as much interest rate risk. 

A Week in Perspective (9/08/20) | A Risk Ahead
Weekly Market Snapshots & Data Sep 08, 2020

Over the past 5 years, the drawdowns of the S&P 500 Index following  a new  all-time high appear to be getting larger and larger, raising the question if this trend will continue given the most recent peak. While the past may not repeat, we cannot ignore the possibility. 

A Week in Perspective (8/31/20) | S&P 500 Correlation
Weekly Market Snapshots & Data Aug 31, 2020
A Week In Perspective (8/24/20) | Unusual Recovery
Weekly Market Snapshots & Data Aug 24, 2020
A Week In Perspective (8/17/20) | Not Everyone Believes In The Rally
Weekly Market Snapshots & Data Aug 17, 2020

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